Dr Ellen Harley
PhD, MSc, Member of COSRT

Sex and Relationship Therapy, Counselling & Training

Dr Ellen Harley. Psychotherapist and Specialist in Sex and Relationship Problems
Dr Ellen Harley.
Member of COSRT.
Sexual and relationship problems are common and most of us experience these at some time in our lives. Many factors can contribute to the development and maintenance of sexual and relationship difficulties and dysfunction including stress, difficult personal relationships, undiagnosed medical problems, side effects of medication, common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Complex intrapersonal psychological difficulties such as gender confusion and concerns over sexual orientation may also be responsible for sex and relationship problems.
•    Do you experience relationship and sexual difficulties with your partner that would benefit from couple therapy and counselling?
•    Do you feel a sense of sexual dissatisfaction in your relationship or with your partner or sexual partner and feel therapy or counselling could help improve this?
•    Do you experience the loss of sexual desire, either for your partner or in general and feel therapy or counselling would make this better?
•    Do you suffer from impotence, or do not feel aroused sexually and wish that therapy or counselling would help to improve your sexual    functioning?
•    Do you have problems with sexual ejaculation, or unable to achieve orgasm and feel that sex therapy or counselling would improve this?
•    Do you experience pain during sexual intercourse and want therapy or counselling to identify the underlying problems and relieve this?
•    Do you suffer from penetration difficulties during sex and feel that sex therapy or counselling can help?
•    Do you experience sexual addiction and would like therapy or counselling help to deal with this?
•    Do you experience sexual phobia and would like  therapy or counselling help to cope with this problem?
•    Do you have sex or relationship transgendered issues which might benefit from an experienced specialist therapist or counsellor in sex and relationship issues?
•    Do you have relationship or sexual orientation issues that a sex and relationship specialist therapist or counsellor can help with?

If you need sex and relationship therapeutic or counselling help with any of the above difficulties, I am in a position to help you. I have had a wide range of therapeutic and counselling training including, Couple Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Brief Solution Focused Therapy, marriage counselling and Systemic work. I have over 20 years experience in sex and relationship therapy including both clinical and academic work. My PhD studies involved 6 years in a related subject and involved new insights adding to the body of existing knowledge. Use my contact section
I will use an integrated, holistic and positive approach to help you towards recovery by:
•    developing insight and awareness into the nature of your sex and relationship problems, not just looking at symptoms but explore deeper, underlying root causes to prevent future relapses.
•    developing constructive coping skills and strategies to deal effectively with your sex and relationship problems
•    enable you to identify goals and action plans which fit your individual life style and value system, in order to improve the quality of your relationships.
•    enable you to enjoy intimacy in your relationship with fulfilling sexual experience.
Who can refer?
I accept sex and relationship therapy / counselling referrals from all health practitioners and professional organizations as well as accepting self-referrals directly from clients. You can contact me via this website, or the College of Sex and Relationship Therapy (COSRT) website, or at The Priory Group - Priory Grange Ticehurst House near Tunbridge Wells, Spire Sussex Hospital adjacent to Conquest Hospital. COSRT was previously known as BASRT
I offer both individual and couple sex and relationship therapy sessions. I am available for sex and relationship therapy clinical supervision to other sex and relationship therapists as well as supervision and advice for anyone undertaking sex and relationship research. I can also conduct sex and relationship therapy sessions in Mandarin or Cantonese

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